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July 5, 2010
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Bridal Base - 001  _:UPDATED:_ by ponchan-panda Bridal Base - 001  _:UPDATED:_ by ponchan-panda

The second base I've ever made. First was five years ago when I was twelve. That one's been lost for a long time.

I'm really happy with how this came out! The veil was so much fun~ The flowers really kicked my butt, though. The dress was fun to do, too.

I love how the dress and thumb turned out!

This is from Hanamaru Kindergarten. ^^
It's an adorable show~~~
It's on Crunchyroll! Watch it! Sadly, there are only 12 episodes. Aww.

This took me three days. It would've taken two, but I had to start over three times. And that was without the necklace, veil details, or bouquet lace.

I made the veil white instead of transparent. It was my preference. But if you prefer the other way, feel free to change it!

- No permission necessary, but show me when you're done!
- Try your best on it! I worked hard making it, so I hope you work hard on it too.
- You can add a background to the picture. If it's a background someone else made, be sure they are ok with you combining it with this!
- No Frankendolling, but you can add another base to the picture or the like, as long it's ok with the other artist, but I'd like it if this base wasn't chopped up. Adding is ok, though.
- Genderbending, etc, is fine by me. ^.^

Making these are fun! I'll do requests! I will not, however, base another artist's picture or photograph. The only way is if they request it themselves, but that surely won't happen~

If I made any mistakes, notify me so I can fix it!

original: [link]

Yamamoto Nanako and Hanamaru Kindergarten (c) Yuto, Yuchiro Oguro, Square Enix, etc.

EDIT: Updated. Missed some skin shading the first time around, so went back and fixed it. Also added the lining on the top of the dress and fixed some things on it. Added shading on the pearls and (lazy) shading on the veil. And fixed the boob.
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